Black Lane

by Black Lane

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Michael F.
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Michael F. After 30 years of listening to hardcore, its tough to not give up on the genre...then bands like BLACK LANE come around and bring me back to the fold. These guys are nothing short of fantastic; raw yet tight, powerful without posturing...One of the best hardcore releases I've heard in some time. A killer release well worth your time and dough. Favorite track: The Vow.
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released July 26, 2014

Phillip - Drums
Uwe - Bass, Vocals
Ebbo - Guitar
Hannes - Vocals

Guest Vocals by Mona.

Choir: Bubba, Robby, Daniel, Flo, Holger, Aubi, Anke, Thomas, Roman.



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Black Lane Neu Ulm, Germany

We're a Hardcore Punk Band from South Germany. If you like what we`re doin', listen to it, download it, share it, comment it, pay some bucks for it if you like. We hope we can make a vinyl and/or tape version of this record in the near future. If you have a label and are interested, don't hesitate to contact us! ... more

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Track Name: The Vow
No tolerance for the intolerant / is this the order of the day? / no! / it's just a fuckin' phrase / lame and weak / nobody does obey / who are we to judge? / who are we to discern? / can feel the heat / but just can't see it burn / you know misery loves company / thus open your eyes / and you'll fuckin' see / count us out / 1-2-3 / while every man / is a wolf to every man / and the plan we own / belike the masterplan / of everything we have / and all we can loose / do you know a way / that you can faithful choose? / And so it's gone / and now I see / that everything has changed / between this and me / and so it's gone / but I still believe / but everything has died / between you and me / combat the cant / dismiss the lies / enforce the loss and the demise / if war is peace / and freedom a slave / ignorance is strength / and life's a grave / destroy! destroy! / the water boils / it steams, exhales / it overboils / it's time to start this fight right now / this is the truth / this is a vow / the eyes are blinded / sewed up the mouth / of what are you scarred? / don't let them count us out!
Track Name: Last Days Of Humanity
Just a fabrication / or the ultimate truth? / everything is lost / and nothing more to prove / the world is coming to an end / and we're sure gonna be the first to pretend / that everything's gonna be alright / the past is gone / and the future's so bright / peace and salvation / are yet to come / last days of humanity / they have just begun / awake! awake! / the answer is so plain to see / regard! regard! / no more pain and misery / beware! beware! / see us hanging at the judas tree / goodnight! goodnight! / just another killing spree / of the whole humanity / these are the last days / of humanity.
Track Name: Extinction
Wrecked that ship / that guided us / over the troubled sea / tore apart / all the bonds / that have acted / between you and me / but i don't feel / no anger / nor fury / when i look at you / just deep pity / about the way you act / about the things you do / i've almost trusted you / i`ve almost forgave you / i`ve almost believed in you / now I know / that is something / i'll never do / now that i have realized / that every word i have spoke to you was a wasted breath / now that i have eyes to see / that every second spend with you was a little death / now it's time to rise again / wash away the dirt of yesterday / rise above! / take a stand! / kiss all this shit goodbye / hooray / goodbye / annihilation / every word i spoke to you was a wasted breath / every second spend with you was like a little death / every gesture / a waste of fucking lifetime / but I know it's time right now / to wash away all the black grime.
Track Name: As I Overcome
It's so dark here in this place / i cannot even see myself / as i try to look myself in the eyes / but all I see are those walls of black / i know this place is my destiny / kept on waiting all my life for me / and as the darkness pours into my lungs / the end of all the things to come / i've been dead for so many times / mentally crossed all those invisible lines / but for now i'll stay in this eternity / unbolt the door and turn the key / and the sight widens / as I overcome / salvation.
Track Name: KFH
Stretching my legs / in front of the stage / tie my new nikes / to show up some rage / the dancefloor belongs to / the kung fu hustler tonight / i've practiced my moves so long / but now they fit so tight / windmill / frontkick / pitcross / picking up change / the music starts / can`t wait any longer / i'm ready to get mad / my jogging suit looks great on me / it`s in my favourite colour red / show those nerds / what it means / to dance to hardcore / a few chicks watching me / so i show them my best moves at all / it hurts / this pain / oh god i have a strain / i used the mobilat aktiv / why is this happen again? / showed from my repertoire / only about the half / me, the kung fu hustler / was beaten by a cramp in the calf / windmill / frontkick / pitcross / picking up change.
Track Name: Keeping In Mind
What forced me ? / something in me become indistinct / to vanish into thin air / don`t know exactly / what went wrong / that abandon me to despair / a gaunt invisible skin surrounds me / makes me feel i draw a curtain over / i won’t stand this paralysis any longer / i need to become / clear and sober / keeping in mind / stop holding me down / recover my voice / break the silence around / end the stagnation / arouse the dormant / keeping in mind / stir up my blood / to develop from something is necessary / it would be sad to stand still / but to challenge the whole fucking thing / reminds me to a thrill / how can i hush up my whole past / don`t want to turn back the clock / the time is now / to bounce back / start to learn / stop to forget / spit out the blood / from my chewed up tongue / remember the feelings / that i had / and missed so long / a heat inside / is still there / it never was complete out / smell the taste of life / it is sweet / it is sour / silent / loud.